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Nobody likes getting sick. Achy joints, upset stomachs, headaches; these all seem to pile up as seasons change and our bodies adjust to new weather patterns, bacteria, and more. Hygiene and personal care go a long way towards protecting us from the constant barrage of colds, the flu, and other sicknesses, but sometimes what we really need is a power-packed supplement action plan.

Our newest pack includes everything you need to boost your seasonal health and give your immune system an edge.  On top of that, for a limited time when you buy our Seasonal Flu Pack we’ll give you a bottle of InFLUence absolutely free. Don’t let the flu get you down; grab our Seasonal Wellness Pack today!

For only $167, you can influence your health with this incredible lineup of products:

Body Shield: Enjoy heightened cellular protection and increased nutrient uptake as this unique product aids in improved detoxification and immune system support

Balance D: Pre/probiotics, fiber, and vitamin D offer superior GI support and a way to bolster your body’s natural defense system.

SpectraMAXX: Filled with nutrients from 40 fruits/vegetables and 74 essential trace minerals, our supplement fills in the gaps left in our modern diets.

SupraDetox: For a thorough detoxification, SupratDetox is the right choice. This product removes impurities from the GI tract and liver and promotes healthy digestive tissue.

Cucumber Lime Liquid Hand Wash:  Our hand and body wash combats dirt and grime, and aids in keeping germs at bay.

InFLUence: Feel healthy, safe, and secure from harmful substances with this explosion of powerful nutrients formulated to offer heightened levels of immune support.

*Additionally, you’ll receive 153PV and 150BV.